Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This past Sunday morning was a very eventful one. 
When we arrived at church, we saw a lot of smoke coming directly from the back of the church. 
No one was hurt, but the building behind the church had burned down. 
The parking lot and surrounding area was filled with firetrucks, workers, police, and
onlookers curious as to what was happening. 

When we got into the church we had no power. 
That did not stop us.
After a few changes in plans, rearranging chairs,
 moving from one room to another, we decided to just move on with the service.
We  had our praise and worship service in the dark and just before the singing was over
the power came on and stayed on. 

We were able to have a wonderful service in which a sweet little baby named 
Travis was dedicated to the Lord.

Following that celebration, a sweet and brave little girl named Juliet was given a few gifts. She had surgery on her foot the week before but was brave and still wanted to be at church as soon as possible.

Following a powerful message, many lives were touched and hearts changed. 
Two people gave their hearts and lives to God, asked forgiveness of their sin and were saved! 

Satan tried to stop everything that took place from happening. 
He threw a fire and smoke in our way. 
He took away the power. 
He did all he could do to keeping these events from happening. 
The devil lost, and God's glory shone brightly. 
It was such a blessed and wonderful day!
Praise God!

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